Connect to the safe place within you

Create from your heart


Art-Yoga workshop Holding Space for You

Even if you have no experience with Yoga and / or art, you are more than welcome.

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There is always a safe place within you

During this workshop you will learn to connect with that place. The workshop starts with a dynamic Kundalini Yoga set. Kundalini Yoga helps you connect to your breath and make the mind more receptive. It is the Yoga of awareness.

By being more present to everything we are doing and experiencing within ourselves we will learn to deepen our awareness. During the 4-hour workshop there is a performance ‘Draagmuur’ (translation: ‘Bearing wall’) and you work with a visualization. You then get 10 kilos of clay to intuitively shape your safe space with your senses.

You can’t do anything wrong, just let it arise

Price: 75 euros incl. material, tea and snacks
Student discount: 20%

Location: Rijksstraatweg 37, 6574 AC, Ubbergen (near Nijmegen). Free parking / bus 80 from Nijmegen Station stops in front of the door (13 minutes travel time).

In the unique, light space ‘De Kapel’ in community De Refter. Located next to the forest ‘Het Geldersch Landschap’ / ‘Heerlijkheid Beek’: beautiful walking area with hills and streams.