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Ritual Design: gifts to shape your personal rituals



Ritual Design creates unique gifts and customized presents, both for others and for yourself. Through the act of giving and receiving, we can reinforce and deepen our relationships. Gifts by Ritual Design are tactile and meaningful, and aim to provide connection and joy.

Gifts for meaningful moments: Anniversary, birthday, pregnancy, farewell, relocation, connection, birth, memorial, party, housewarming, wedding, loss, new year, awards ceremony.

For individuals and companies

When you treat the products of Ritual Design with attention and care, you shape your intention.

‘I believe that this attention and care is essential in our current volatile daily life in which we are dealing with an overdose of information and external stimuli.’ – Laura Klinkenberg


Tailor-made presents

the Rising Balance candleholder

Mind-Body Toolkit

Incense Landscape

Incense Spiral

Japanese incense




Golden Shell

Letter post

Kintsugi bowl

A Day in Paradise