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The simple and playful exercises of the Mind-Body Toolkit assist you in finding calm and energy, directly impacting stress and emotions.

Experience a deeper connection with yourself and your surroundings. Let it motivate, stimulate, and surprise you.

Please note: The Toolkit is in Dutch.

De Mind-Body Toolkit includes:
•          51 cards
•          A handbook
•          A lookup list

The cards feature exercises with breathing techniques, short meditations, and other yoga techniques. Additionally, the set includes mindfulness and self-compassion exercises.

The handbook provides more details about the given exercises and how to use the cards.

The convenient lookup list enumerates stressful and emotional experiences you might encounter in daily life. For each experience, there’s a reference to exercises that can help you cope.

The Mind-Body Toolkit aids in better managing stress and emotions. Its simple and playful exercises directly influence, leading to more:

• Energy
• Relaxation
• Resilience
• Perseverance
• Balance
• Health

Who is it for?
•          The transformative exercises are intended for both young and old.
•          The Toolkit makes a unique gift for yourself or someone else.

Are you a teacher, trainer, coach, or caregiver?
The Toolkit serves as a playful and practical tool. With the exercises, you can help people in challenging situations regain balance.

The Toolkit is artistically designed with surprising photos. Let it jolt you awake and remind you of the inner sources of strength hidden within you!

It is our mission to make yoga and mindfulness techniques playfully accessible to both young and old.’

How did the Mind-Body Toolkit come about?
The idea for creating this card deck emerged while working with people in Mind-Body trainings and therapy groups. The participants in these programs sought a deeper connection with their bodies to better address various questions, problems, and complaints.

Marianne van der Burgh (1960) selected the exercises and wrote the texts. Marianne is a psychotherapist, karam-kriya consultant, and kundalini yoga teacher, and operates as a coach and psychologist in her own practice, Suniai.

Laura Klinkenberg (1992) took care of the photography and design. Laura is a visual artist, designer, and kundalini yoga teacher. She graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and has won several awards for her work.

Marianne: ‘For over thirty years, I’ve been working as a psychologist and psychotherapist, and ten years as a coach. I’ve observed how, influenced by a changing zeitgeist, people’s needs, concerns, and self-perceptions have evolved. The increasing pressure we all face calls for simple, straightforward tools and a direct connection to physical experiences for quick adaptability and deep-seated pattern breaking. For these reasons, kundalini yoga and mindfulness have captivated me. In my view, heartfulness (self-compassion) is a vital ingredient needed to address a collective blind spot in our consciousness.’

Over the years, I’ve used homemade cards and dreamt of a beautifully designed set. When I met Laura, her artistic talent and experience turned out to be the key to realizing this dream.

Laura: ‘Designing the Mind-Body Toolkit felt like it was tailor-made for me. I was immediately enthusiastic when Marianne asked me to co-develop this product. So far, the exercises from the card set have brought me much value. From my experience as an artist and kundalini yoga teacher, it feels completely right for me to make the Toolkit accessible to both young and old.

I view humans as ornaments and used my own body in photography to create provocative images. Sometimes, the photo on the card illustrates the actual exercise, but mostly I’ve crafted unexpected associative images—pictures aiming to evoke specific feelings and provoke reactions. As a result, the cards can inspire and motivate you to engage with the Toolkit. This challenges you to playfully practice yoga and meditation in your daily life.’

Laat je motiveren, prikkelen en verrassen!