From a deep relaxed state of being, healing comes naturally


Slow down


Connect yourself with your breath


The Art of Kundalini Yoga

Laura Klinkenberg – Manav Amrita Kaur gives combined Art & Yoga workshops and Kundalini Yoga classes: both privately and in group settings. In her workshops and classes, you will focus on connecting to a safe place within yourself and learn to act and create from that space.

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful technique to break patterns which no longer serve you. Through learning to connect with your breath you can connect more deeply with your intuition, free your voice, and speak from the heart.


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Laura Klinkenberg

  • "I feel refreshed and very much alive. Lots of feelings of excitement, joy, curiosity and peacefulness are growing within me."
    Lena Glücksman Nilsson
  • "Laura is one of the very few who embodies Kundalini Yoga so profoundly."  
    Lin Holmquist
  • ''I rediscovered that paradise can be felt in any moment, a deep joy to be alive. I felt complete acceptance to be myself.''  
    Robin Dirks